A couple of weeks ago, Cyan (who over the years released a good number of applications over at BeBits), published his latest work named TubePositive. What it does is allow you to watch videos online, using sites such as YouTube, Google Video, etc, under BeOS. What it does is use VLC and the ripping web-service Keepvid.com.

I wanted to see if it worked under Haiku, but since at home I don't have it installed (still no WiFi support unfortunately) and at work I can't access those sites, I asked known community member scottmc, who had already tried it if he could give it another test run and send me a screenshot, for ICO to publish. He was (as usual) kind enough to do so, and the next day replied with the screenshot. This was over a week ago, so slacker little me would like to apologize to Scott for taking soooo long to publish this.

Click on "Read More" below for some more information about his test and the shot itself.

He tested it at work, on a machine which has no sound support (and only VESA). He only has a basic Haiku image with dev tools in there, so he first downloaded TubePositive and VLC into the image and then, on another machine, went to YouTube and wrote down the URL. He then typed that same URL into StyledEdit and drag&dropped it onto TubePositive. About 10 seconds later the video started to play. A lot of work, but cool nonetheless. Anyone else out there got this to work under Haiku as well?




On another note, I'd like to call your attention to the previously known as BePorts, now renamed to HaikuPorts (though they'll still keep it working on the older platforms). The site's maintained by three people, one being Scott. He hopes that, since Haiku is more POSIX compliant than BeOS ever was, porting will become easier. Take a look and if you can help, contact them.

Once again, thanks for the help Scott and sorry for the delay.