This past weekend, we saw the pics and read report of Haiku's presence at LinuxWorld in San Francisco. He was there with Jorge Mare, aka Koki, Art Yerkes (from ReactOS) and Scott Mcreary. You can read on the 3 days' happenings, some visitors (including JLG himself) and the overall feel that Haiku's presence helped raise even more the Linux community's awareness to the project, which I have no doubt it did. You guys did a great job as always. During the weekend, the site Alternageek did a video interview with Urias himself, and that video is available right here for you to watch (thanks to scottmc for the link).

Update: Koki has also written, over at the Haiku site, about the LinuxWorld weekend, naming the piece "LinuxWorld 2008 as I saw it". It's a different insight into the happenings of the weekend, so head over and read it.

Haiku will also be in show off mode in the land of plenty. Sikosis wrote that, since the Australian HUD members are to spread apart (it is a freaking continent!) they'll hold a virtual gathering, on Haiku's upcoming 7th birthday. They have a preliminary schedule but are welcoming suggestions to add to it. Check out the (newly built) website over here.

Last but definitely not least, Michael Lotz, whom you all know, wrote a piece on how to get Haiku booted. He goes through the process of getting haiku, installing it and finally configuring it and the computer to boot it up. He also covers installation though a USB flash drive, which is quite handy. Definitely an interesting read, thanks Michael.