Like the title says, holy crap these are late news! With lots of work and vacation still ongoing, it's been a long, long time since I last checked my ICO e-mail. And guess what, there were news to post!

First, precisely on the day Haiku turned 7, the german (mostly and based) website BeSly celebrated its fourth birthday. BeSly is a knowledge base site, for BeOS, Haiku and ZETA. They create and maintain translations, tutorials and documentation. Over the years the knowledge base grew and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. Congrats to the BeSly site and its team. Great job.

Second, last but not least (I'm writing this by date of the received e-mails), that crazy dutch Ithamar Adema is at it again (does he ever really stop?). He dropped me an e-mail (he's nice that way) to let me know that he's building a network driver for the Asus EEEPC. At the moment of his writing the e-mail, there was a crash in the code somewhere still, but he hoped it wouldn't take long to hunt it down and squash it. I'll contact him and find out how that went. It's already in the repository though, from his comment here. Ithamar, nicely done as always.

Once again, sorry for taking so long guys.