Our Italian friends over at Haiku Italia were once again present for this year's Pianeta Amiga (Planet Amiga), a gathering of and for, you guessed it, Amiga users/fans. Even if this year marks the launching of the AmigaOS 4.1, Pianeta Amiga saw the least visitors ever, even with no fee to get in, but that didn't deter the four Haiku lovers who represented the project and community at the event, Stefano Ceccherini, Salvatore Benedetto, Andrea Bernardi and Giuseppe Gargaro.

They had with them an old P3 @ 800Mhz with 384MB of RAM which awed the attendants with the speed of Haiku, on such an old machine and also an Asus EEEPC, which pleased the voyeurs as well. Using the P3 they demoed VLC running a couple of videos, some encoding and also Wonderbrush.

You can read even more (in Italian of course) at the Haiku Italia website, along with pictures of the event, a YouTube video and a short video showing Wonderbrush running on Haiku. Great job guys and thanks to Andrea and Giuseppe for the e-mails.