This year Haiku was once again one of Google Summer of Code's projects but that wasn't it all, oh no. There was Haiku's own Code Drive which helped bring even more projects and students to the community. A few days ago, Axel posted the results of both these efforts.

On the bright side, we have projects which ended quite well and delivered the expected results, most notably (but not the only one) Zhao Shuai, who, with Ingo's help, implemented swap file support for Haiku. Others included Andrej Spielmann, with sub-pixel antialiasing and Salvatore Benedetto, with porting bonnie++ and UDF to Haiku.

On the other side, real life got in the way of some projects unfortunately, and in those cases, little to no code was returned. It happens sometimes and we wish them the best.

All in all, a good run this year I think, so congratulations are in order.