It's almost over, some have already left, while, as usual, others will stay till the very last minute. Yes, I'm talking about BeGeistert (as you could already tell from the title). This weekend, the Dusseldorf Youth Hostel (completely renovated and it looks great) hosted BeGeistert 19, codename Alphaville (is it big in Japan?).

Some information is already available about it, and I'm sure more will be in the next few days. François Revol did a presentation on his NetSurf port, which I hear is looking and performing nicely, while Stephan Asmuss (stippi) did one on Icon-o-Matic. According to Begasus, who was there Saturday only (wuss), the attendants were in the high 20s, close to 30 and all were having fun, as always. 

Giuseppe was/is there and not only did he take lots of pictures , we also did a write-up of the ongoings, almost to the minute, which you can read, in Italian, right here.

Too bad I couldn't make it this time, I miss going there and hanging out with everyone, having fun, not sleeping much, eating putten steak at 4am, etc etc. Good times :)

Oh and BeGeistert 20's date has already been set! It'll take place during the April 3-5 weekend. Awesome!

Update: The code sprint is ON!