This past December 28th will be remembered as the day BeBits changed owners, at least to the public. Sean and Greg, founders, maintainers (not so much as of lately, as they recognize) and basically do-it-all-at-the-site guys, posted an update with not only a history lesson about the past of the site, but (mainly) with the announcement that they've turned over BeBits to a new owner.

We don't know who the new owner is, and won't know until he decides to announce it himself, but all BeBits doings are under his wing now, including all e-mail now sent to the site. According to Sean and Greg, he's an active community member with plans for the site. We'll just have to wait and see.

So congratulations are in order, to the new owner, and farewells to Sean and Greg, along with a huge Thank You, for keeping the site running for almost 10 years. You've provided an immense service to the BeOS, then Zeta, then Haiku community.