For the third year in a row, Haiku has been selected as a project for the Google Summer of Code 2009, the list of projects being released yesterday. As usual, a list of suggested ideas is already available and range from more "simple" (from a user's perspective) projects, like updating Abiword or VLC to more complex tasks, such as implementing IPv6 or hardware 3D acceleration support.

This is once again a great opportunity for Haiku, not only in visibility terms but in having some projects' work finished or moved forward, which is always needed. We have to thank Matt Madia this year, for taking the main admin role in Haiku's pitch to GSoC.

P.S.: Speaking of Matt, he let me know that Werner Freytag released all of his projects' sources and they are being hosted over at OSDrawer, while being re-licensed under the MIT (thus Haiku friendly) license. According to Matt, "it would be ideal if jamfiles are created for these projects. Even more ideal if they could optionally be integrated with Haiku's build system -- IM Kit is an example". Thanks once again to Matt for all his hard work and also to Werner of course, for donating his projects to OSDrawer.