Maxime Simon, whom I've had the pleasure of interviewing for the GSoC interview series, posted on the Haiku site an update for his (and Ryan's) Webkit port project.

He talks about his progress and problems regarding fonts, bitmaps and jpegs and javascript (it doesn't work at the moment). Included in this status update are three screenshots for your voyeurism pleasure. Regarding the complete native browser+webkit bit, he had this to say:

"As you may know, the renderer is an important part ( if not the most important part ) of a web-browser. So I think ( and I am pretty sure that Ryan will agree with me ) that we cannot incorporate WebKit in our brand new browser until it is stable enough. That is why Ryan and I did not make any enhancement on the web-browser."

Though I'm sure we all wanted the news to be a bit different, this is more than understandable and I commend their work on this project. Keep it up guys.