Yep, the big day has arrived. As of 10mns ago, the website went through a facelift, got updated and the mirrors are online (I'm downloading an ISO as I write this). The new site, of which Jorge Mare provided a preview sometime ago, looks really good in my opinion, with easy access to the latest commits and ticket updates, to give a couple of examples.

But of course the big news of the day (of the past 8 years) is the availability of Alpha 1. You can get it in three flavours, ISO, VMWare and RAW and from several mirros, in Europe, the US and Australia (though the aussie one says "broken" at the moment). Other than the direct downloads, there are torrents available as well. But all this talk won't get you the Alpha, so what are you waiting for? GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Great work everyone.

Update: Thom over at OSNews wrote a very nice piece on Haiku, its Alpha and even some BeOS history. Well done Thom, I'll send you a sheep as a gift.