Stippi posted this Saturday a status update on the work he's doing on WebPositive. As he himself recognizes, a lot of work is left to be done (obviously) but a lot of work has already been done as well, and he mentions a few highlights:

  • Added General page in settings window with option to specify the maximum age of URLs in the browsing history and the download folder location.
  • Fixed some graphical glitches when scrolling sub-frames.
  • Fixed problems with programmatic opening of new windows/pages. The GSoC Melange web app was unusable before. The Haiku User Guide translation site is working now. Closing programmatically opened pages will no longer close the entire browser.

These 3 were just randomly selected from his list, as there are many others he listed. He continues to work on the browser so improvements should be seen steadily coming the user's way. Head over and read his full post where there's a download link as well.

I can't use WebPositive yet unfortunately, since WiFi doesn't work even with a new laptop I bought *smacks Colin* :)