Ah, the work of a news editor is never done... yellowTab has just published an array of news, and two of them in particular will interest the end-users.

First, and something that you've all been waiting for, RC1 has gone into production. The master has been sent to the press works and duplication is ongoing.

Second, and this is great business news, the German and English schools in Argentina will from now on provide it's students with Zeta to work on. yT's CEO Torsten Linde had this to say: "We're very excited about this. There has always been tremendous interest in BeOS and Zeta in Latin America where it seems people are more open to new things. As a result every pupil at the participating schools will have individual access to a computer running Zeta. This is pretty amazing considering that in Germany pupils quite often have to sit two or three to a computer.". This is great news indeed.

Last but definitely not least, Paragon Software's Partition Manager is being ported to Zeta under a recent agreement between the two companies. They will bring BFS support onto a commercial partition manager, something that hasn't happened since the SE of Partition Magic some years ago. Paragon will also distribute Zeta in Russia and the CIS.

So as you see, a very good news mix. yellowTab and it's members have been working hard at it, and these deals are another proof of that.