No, I didn't just swallow a mosquito nor have I watched a Uwe Boll film, YAHC just means "Yet Another Haiku Contract" and it's definitely good news! After Axel completed his contract to work on the network stack (and he has now taken up the Haikuware Wifi bounty so he'll keep working on it) another contract was announced over at the Haiku website and it's with someone who's done it before, namely Stephan, aka stippi.

Stephan was hired to work full-time for a total of 160 hours, during which he'll be working on the app_server, the media kit and the MediaPlayer, all areas he's well versed in, so no doubt the advances will be noticeable. These contracts only mean good stuff for Haiku (and for the developers) but for Haiku to be able to continue the trend they need your help, so head over to the donations page and "give a little bit" (in Supertramp voice of course).