Good evening everyone. I just read an update over at BeBits which surprised me quite a bit and left me upset as well. There is the possibility that BeBits will be shut down permanently as early as the first day of 2011. First, let me paste the update here so you can read it in full:


BeBits gets a huge amount of traffic (still). BeBits has a long history, high page rank, is deeply ingrained in search engines, and its code is unique and developed from the ground up (kind of like BeOS). These attributes make it popular, efficient, fast, and less likely to attacks, etc.

Haiku developers, BeOS users, and Haiku users have a supportive and nostalgic connection to BeBits.

The owner is seeking a single experienced web developer + business partner with a background or community involvement in the BeOS/Haiku scene. The developer should have a mutual community and business interest to revive/restore BeBits to its previous glory, and provide it with new unique and interesting features, HTML 5.0 compliance, and vision for the future.

The offer is unique and will expire Jan 1st, 2011 - which is when BeBits may disappear forever if there's no interest.

Please submit your proposal under BeBits' 'Contact Us' menu item.

It might be the late(ish) hour, close to midnight, but that post doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It starts of by saying BeBits still has lots of traffic, high page rank, has (which goes without saying) a long history and there's a connection to the site from both Haiku and BeOS users and developers. Then in the next paragraph the offer is layed out and if not accepted the site will be shut down on January 1st. What is the reasoning behind the offer? The need to update the site? And why the closing of the site if it's not updated/refreshed/whateverotherchange? The cost of keeping the site up?

Like I wrote above it might be the hour but it just doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe someone could help me to try and understand? Comment away if you'd like.