Here's an overview of photos and reviews of BeGeistert. I plan on updating this article with all links till they are listed on the BeGeistert website.

Newly added are the review by Fran?ois Revol and the pictures by Marcus Overhagen. I did not manage staying out of the images this time, he caught me on 3 of them (one full-frontal which I actually kinda like, but my hair could have been better on that one).

Photos by Choulth (Olivier)
- Small and a bit blurry, but cool
- Larger and sharper images from the event
- Two pictures he made of D?sseldorf, nearby where the event is held

Photos by Marcus Overhagen
- Thumbnail list
- Cool pic of Bernd, who kept the cap on all the time

Review by Fran?ois mmu_man Revol
- Review (English)
- Review (French)