Over at the Haiku website, there's a new post, a post I'm sure everyone will find quite interesting indeed. How do I know that? Because the post is about R1. And not only about R1 but about you helping to shape up R1 yourself. In this post there's a poll with over 20 different proposals for Haiku R1 (final, not Alpha nor Beta). For each proposal you can choose 3 degrees of commitment, basically from "I don't know that this specific proposal means" to "don't you DARE release R1 without this in!!!!!!!". There are, in my opinion, some obvious ones that fit right in with the second option, but others will be up to your judgement.

There has been some talk about this over at the development mailing list for some time and it's nice to see the poll finally up and running and waiting for everyone's input. So what are you waiting for, still reading this? Head over to the post and cast your vote.