Two days ago in Australia, Google's Carol Smith announced that Google will for the 7th straight year hold the Google Summer of Code. As usual, GSoC will be used to introduce students from around the world to open source projects. Haiku has you know has been part of GSoC and this year the aim is the same, to be one of the chosen organizations. This year Google wants to increased the number of students by 25% and will therefore also increase the number of mentoring organizations. Good news indeed.

Haiku as you are well aware has been part of GSoC for several years now and this year the goal is the same. Ideas are already being thrown around in the GSoCIdeas page and although it gives a good idea (ah!) of what's to be expected, until the final proposal is done changes are likely to happen. Over the years the GSoC results for Haiku have been up and down, some years better than others which is only natural. Let's hope 2011 becomes the best one so far, but for that Haiku needs to be one of the mentoring projects. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Good luck!