Easter was last week but that doesn't special easter eggs to be given and in this case Haikuware presented Haiku Inc with a very tasty egg. An egg filled with $2000 dollars, donated to Haiku by Haikuware and its supporters, who had previously donated this money for possible bounties.

Haikuware had a poll over at their site and the majority of voters chose this option, on the condition that the money be used for coding contracts, such as the ones Haiku Inc had in the past (with Axel for example). Speaking of it, it hasn't been easy for Haiku Inc to find developers interested in taking on coding contracts (at least in this point in time), so if you're a dev with free time in your hands at the moment, why not get in touch with them and submit your proposal? You'll be payed for your efforts and will in turn be loved by millions!

Back on topic, great job Haikuware.