Haiku Inc. just announced today a new developing contract. The contract is for 160 hours and the developer is Ingo Weinhold, aka bonefish. Ingo will be focusing on Haiku's package management (picking up on Oliver's great work so far) and some of the main items he'll work on include:


  • Adjust the build system and tools to build and install the Haiku core system as a package
  • Work on tools to build Haiku packages in a clean chroot environment
  • Adjust build "recipes" for HaikuPorts packages as needed and build the packages. A tool to check the package against packaging guidelines might need to be implemented
  • Extend packagefs to provide information about active packages to the tools that need it (e.g. the package solver)
  • Implement the package solver (as Oliver proposed based on libsatsolver)
His work will of course include other points of interest and we're very interested to see the results of his work.
Also, as mentioned in the post, Haiku Inc. is more than pleased to have more of proposals for developing contracts, they can only help Haiku further along, so if you're up to it, how about it?