Well, a guy can't go away for 3 days, Haiku releases Alpha 3 to the world. Of course they should have waited for me to come back! :D Seriously now, that day we were all waiting for arrived on Saturday the 18th when Haiku unleashed into the world it's 3rd pre-release version, Alpha 3. This new version brings a lot of improvements over the previous version including (just to name a couple): "enhancements for hardware support, such as IO-APIC, ACPI, video drivers, network drivers and USB" and "The mail daemon replacement (MDR) and parts of the Mail Kit have been rewritten. MDR crashes are fixed now". Many more improvements / enhancements are listed over at the Release Notes page for you to enjoy.

And how do you get this yummy piece of software? Two ways, either download it or buy it. So what are you waiting for if you don't have it running on your machine already? Get it, install it, enjoy it, test it and don't forget to report any bugs you find, that's what Alphas are for. Great job everyone.