The Google Summer of Code updates keep coming, which is great since it allows us all to know what the students are up to, which in turn gets us more excited for the results. This time we have a three-quarter-term update from Gabriel Hartmann on his UVC driver project.

Gabriel's still battling with the empty (or almost) headers issue and while investigating this problem he found two possible causes: protected content and input buffer underrun. Gabriel's still looking into this (he did have a nice trip to KDL) and depending on which issue is causing this and what needs to be done to fix it, he may or may not be able, by the end of the full term, to get images from his webcam. He's right in one thing he mentions, it's more important to get the backend working properly.

It would be great to see this project come to a happy ending, let's hope Gabriel is able to do it while GSoC is ongoing or if not, that he'll continue his work post-GSoC. Good luck.

Update: Another student has posted his three-quarter-term report, this time it was scgtrp and his VirtualBox guest additions project. Unfortunately he had to let go of OpenGL bit of the project (understandably) so he was focusing instead on bug fixing. Some good stuff in there, keep it up.