HSA, the Haiku Support Association, is responsible for organizing our beloved Begeistert. Not only that, it (as the name says) helps support Haiku by promoting development and promotion of our little OS that could (and hopefully will).

Even if you're not a member you can still help HSA. How do you ask? With only a few clicks and about 3 minutes of your time. The German bank DiBa is awarding the top 1000 German registered societies with 1000 euros each (nice) and you can vote for HSA. As I mentioned before, it only takes a few minutes since you can (and should) vote 3 times. Currently HSA is far from breaking into the top 1000 so head over, vote and spread the word as well. Just think, an extra 1000 euros could help land a new development contract.

On a related note, this coming weekend if BeGeistert weekend in Dusseldorf, followed by the week long Coding Sprint. Have you registered? If you plan on going but haven't yet, you really should, don't leave it to the last minute.