BeGeistert ended last Sunday and now the coding sprint week has ended as well and we have a report already! Adrien, aka Pulkomandy, published a bit ago his report on both BeGeistert and the coding sprint, giving us a general idea of what happened over there, while the rest of us stayed home.

During the BeGeistert weekend there were several talks and presentations, about for example Haiku's release process and the current status of the package management (also, I'm intrigued by VOPTOP). During the coding sprint, as you might have noticed if you followed the commits, there were a lot of them, raging from game sound API (Adrien himself) to low level stuff like memory corruption and debugger work.

All in all, it was a very productive week, and although it'll be difficult (near impossible) for this rhythm to continue (real-life sucks for this), let's see what the next few months brings for Haiku and for us. Good job everyone.