Over at the Haiku website, a look back at 2011 was posted today and the first line says it all, 2011 was indeed a great year for Haiku. There were changes made behind the scene but the most visible accomplishments were by far the development contracts. According to the report, over 1,100 hours of full-time development was paid for this past year which helped Haiku improve by leaps and bounds, thanks to work done by (never forgetting all others who work on their free time) Oliver, Ingo and of course Michael.

And speaking of Michael, and this is the first big news of 2012, Haiku Inc. is now able to offer Michael a second 6 months contract! Amazing news indeed but even more than that, Haiku Inc. will be able to consider contracts from other developers, so if you feel you're up to it, let them know.

And of course, as always, donate if you can. Incredible work from Haiku Inc. and all involved, thanks guys.