Voptop client beta 1Voptop is developed by Robert Stiehler, as part of his bachelor thesis. The aim of Voptop is to create the possibility to telephone anonymously within a closed network and to hamper the tapping of phone calls by hiding them. The use of Voptop is free of charge.

The developer first planed to publish Voptop with VoIP functionality only, but found that a lot of sound cards in Haiku just supported "line out". To be able to do VoIP you of course also need a working "line in"/"microphone in". Because of this issue, instant messaging was implemented as well. The IM part is using its own "Voptop protocol" for keeping also the messaging secure and anonymous.

This first version of Voptop is a beta release for Haiku OS (clients for other OS might follow), but the client includes most planned features for the final release. Have in mind, being a beta release, stability and security have not been tested sufficiently. In order to install Voptop, simply unpack the archive under "/boot". After this is done you will find a reference in the start menu of Haiku under "Applications". A user manual can be found in the program directory at ("/ boot/apps/Voptop").

Download the client, have some fun and help improving Voptop by registering bugs in the bug tracker.

(This is my first post in years, but I have followed the development of Haiku all the time and I hope to start writing again)