BeGeistert 25 has come and gone and a report has surfaced. Humdinger was one of the (few) presents - it was a small BeGeistert, attendants wise - and has taken the time to write a report for our reading pleasure. Since the number of attendants was so low, this time around there weren't any presentations, all the time was taken with coding and some more coding, which is great for the project of course. Axel for example worked on some KDL bugs (presented by Humdinger himself) while Olivier dug into the Freepascal port. Oh, and they got their picture taken by a professional photographer for an upcoming article in IEEE Spectrum Magazine. Fancy. From the report, although it was a small BeGeistert, it seems it was a productive one, which is always nice.

Also nice is that the next Begeistert, number 26 named "Marathon", has been already dated which should give everyone planning to attend plenty of time to get everything ready. Number 26 has been dated for the weekend of November 3rd and 4th with the coding sprint (yes, there will be one this time) set for the week immediately following. Good stuff.