As you are all aware, 2012's Google Summer of Code is well under way and in some cases, very well under way. The quarter term reports for 3 of the projects have been now posted over at the Haiku website: the OpenJDK port, the x86_64 port and the cpuidle project.

While both the x86_64 (even though xyzzy had exams until recently) and cpuidle projects have been making good progress, the latter already showing some great power savings, I'd have to say the most impressive work so far has come from Hamish and his OpenJDK port. At this time it's already stable enough to run plenty of Swing applications out of the box, which is in fact impressive, as you can see from this screenshot he added:

jEdit and SwingSet

Can't wait to read the missing quarter term reports and most of all, can't wait for all of the projects' final results. Great work everyone.

Update: And another report has come in. Pawel posted the quarter term port for his NFSv4 project. Him too has been making good progress and his next goal is to implement write operations and client side caching. Good stuff.~

Update 2: And the final report's in. Andreas posted this afternoon the quarter term report for his BFS Partition Resizer project. He has pretty much reached his goal of having inode-moving working and will now work on the rest of his plan. Check his progress right here.