Well well, what do we have here. If you've read my previous post, the report on this weekend's BeGeistert, you'll know Ithamar spent all weekend working (minus some smoking breaks and one or two meals) on the ARM port. Last night Rene sat next to him (I moved chairs or he'd have sat in my lap, he's sneaky that way) and the two started working around some bugs on the kernel.

Ithamar, since early in the weekend, set himself a goal and although quite not there yet (hopefully he'll reach it before leaving the Coding Sprint), the progress has been been impressive, as I'm sure you'll agree. What you see below is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE (had to) of Haiku booting on ARM. It's in QEMU and as you can see it panics and goes into KDL, but the icons are starting to light up!

Now, the goal I mentioned? To have Haiku boot all the way until it complains no boot device was found (which is to be expected). Can Ithamar reach it? Knowing him, I'd say we have a pretty good chance of that happening. Awesome work.