Yesterday, Dane Scott posted an article on his website LeBuzz, suggesting to complete SampleStudio. In only one day, today's update mentions, there has been so much positive response on his suggestion that the project could get organised and head for SampleStudio 1.0-FINAL.

Frans van Nispen, the original developer of SampleStudio, has already said to be willing to provide help and insight into the code where needed, LeBuzz tells us. Frans also mentioned three main areas to Dane that need of work badly:
  • Virtual Memory - A known issue on the BeOS platform is the Virtual Memory, which also causes a barrier for SampleStudio. Buffering should be enhanced to solve among others the ticks that the latest version shows.
  • Paste code bug - For some reason, SampleStudio sometimes adds info when pasting that isn't there. Artificial Intelligence can't be the cause.
  • Mixing paste - This is the feature that SampleStudio still lacks most, and it should really be implemented.
In the comments of LeBuzz's article, someone called "Mat", I'm not sure which one, announced to be porting SampleStudio for the PowerPC. That's wonderful to hear, and I would rock to see some status updates on it some time.