Google Summer of Code has reached its midterm and that means progress report from the students responsible for the projects. So far we've had two reports, from Arvind S Raj, who's working on Haiku's ARM port and also from Zhuowei Zhang, working on porting the Go's programming language compiler and runtime.

Both have been making progress, which is good news, though of course there have been ups and downs to their efforts, which is only natural. In fact, since writing his midterm progress report, Zhuowei has managed today to get the build script to complete without errors, meaning all runtime packages were built successfully. Progress continues to be made in these two projects, now let's wait and see if we also get update reports from the other two students. Fingers crossed.

On a related noted, Adrien yesterday posted his latest (number 37!) blog update regarding his development contract to work on the WebKit port and WebPositive browser. In it he mentions the just released WebKit 1.4.1 which is now available in the nightlies as well as starting to now work on WebKit2 and trying to get it to build. Good stuff as always from Adrien. And keep those donations coming in!