This year Haiku is taking part in yet another coding project aimed at students. After Google's Summer of Code, it's time for VALS' Semester of Code. VALS stands for Virtual Alliances for Learning Society and it's funded by the EU and as such only EU students may apply. Its goal is to link higher education students (and their teachers) with businesses where those students will (hopefully) find employment and the Semester of Code uses OSS projects as the link to achieve this. It has partners in several European countries, namely Spain, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Italy and the UK.

Haiku has 3 mentors already selected for the Semester of Code, the three being Axel, Jessica and Adrien, and the list of projects available for students to apply include, among others, extending the USB stack, adding streaming support for the Media Kit and applications and unifying file system caches. The full list of projects can be found here.

The student application period started back in September 17th and ends next month, so if you feel you're the right candidate, hurry up and submit your application. Here's to a successful first Semester of Code, let's hope many follow and Haiku becomes a regular featured project, same as (pretty much) Summer of Code.