I would like to hear constructive comments on whether the following idea is cool or bull. Suggestions are welcome too.

Currently there is only one auction website I have found where BeOS-related articles can be bought; eBay. If you know of any more, do not hesitate to contribute it in the comments.

Below you'll see the first overview of the highlights from what is offered for sale. If the idea is being well-received, I'm thinking of posting an update like this once every other week.

Product Category Price $* Bids* Comments
Official Be, Inc. shirt Clothing 41.00
Seller Mike Popovic
Be vinyl transfer sticker Merch 4.50
BeOS Advanced Progr. Book 0,99
Easy money!
O'Reilly BeOS Progr. Book 10.99
Unopened, w/ CD-ROM
BeBox dual-133MHz Geek toys 500.00

* - Price and number of bids can vary. The information as shown with it is based upon the current state when the table was created and is therefore only for indicatory purposes. No claims can be made upon this information.