These past couple of weeks (or three) have been a very busy period in the world of Haiku. There was: BeGeistert, followed right away by the Coding Sprint, there was the Ohio LinuxFest, Google's SoC Summit and also a discussion on the next release(s)... *takes a deep breath*... and finally a long-distance-coding-sprint from René.

BeGeistert took place as usual at the Youth Hostel in Dusseldorf and it looks like it was a good one. There were a few talks, for example from Adrien regarding his contract work and from Ithamar about the ARM port. You can read Humdinger's report right here. As mentioned above, right on the heels of BG we had the coding sprint, for the first time split between two continents, with René joining from the US, working on the Debugger. He wrote a nice update on is progress here, and Adrien wrote an excelent update on the Coding Sprint, with a breakdown of who worked on what.

In the meantime, and thanks to the generous contributions from the community, Jessica flew all the way from New Zealand to the US (losing a whole day coming back, yay timezones) to attend Google's SoC Summit, where she met other Haiku member along with a ton of other people. She also wrote about it and you can find her post here.

A few days before all of this was going on, Joseph packed a bag or two and drove to Ohio's LinuxFest where her had a table to show Haiku to the attendants. A successful endeavour from what he wrote in his report, which you can read here. He was even interviewed while at the fest, for the Linux Action Show!

Finally... I think... big news came out of BeGeistert's Coding Sprint regarding Haiku's releases moving forward. Out of BG and out of a lengthy discussion in the Dev mailing list, that is. Adrien first posted this e-mail to the ML on Nov 2nd, detailing a discussion held by the devs present, trying to establish a plan for the upcoming releases, not only Beta 1 for a longer term plan, to include R1 and R2 (and whatever happens in between). There are a lot of e-mails in that thread and there were even a couple of spin of threads created from it, but if you haven't already, I highly recommend going through them all as they're very informative.

You can see the title for this piece wasn't an overstatement, lots of stuff going on. Now excuse me while I go put my hands on ice...