Fresh news, unfortunately not the kind we were hoping for, out of Google's HQ. Sadly Haiku isn't part of the list of selected mentoring organizations for Google Summer of Code 2015, as you can see right here. That's a shame, the list of project ideas had some very interesting ones, but Haiku can't make it every year of course, though it has been chosen the majority of years GSoC's been around.

There's no word yet why it wasn't picked since the meeting where it'll be discussed doesn't take place till later this week, but once it's known we'll update this piece.

Update: As mentioned above, the meeting won't be until Friday, but it seems the much lower number of accepted organizations this year could be a big reason why Haiku isn't in. The same thing happened to the Mozilla, the Linux Foundation and Tor, for example. In any case, if you were interested in participating, there's nothing stopping you from contributing to Haiku, so why not have a go?

Latest Update: The reason why Haiku wasn't included in this year's GSoC is pretty much the same why Mozilla wasn't included as well, a lower number of organizations and Google wanted to give the opportunity to newer/smaller organizations. You can read more in Urias' e-mail to the mailing list. Hopefully Haiku will be back in next year.