There's been a flurry of activity over at Haiku for the past couple of weeks, which is how we like it! Adrien posted his regular monthly update, tracking what the devs have been working now. René, aka Yak Man, continues working on the debugger and wrote a blog post about the latest developments, namely the fact that you're now able to edit memory using it.

Jessica's been busy as well, not only adding TeX Live (mammoth size indeed) and LyX packages to the repository, but also improving Haiku's support for GPT partitions! This will make life easier for those who want to install Haiku onto a GPT partition, no more need for hacks and workarounds.

Last and definitely not least, a new dev contract has begun and Waddlesplash is now working on the packaging infrastructure. His contract is for a six weeks full-time work and he already posted his first weekly update.

Nicely done to everyone, congrats.