The Concorde is history. Despite its entirely clean state of duty, the accident of 2 years ago had an immense impact on the popularity of these highspeed aircrafts. Today the last Concorde flight landed on London Heathrow Airport. The wheels hitting the concrete underneath never emotionally touched me this much. This happens on the same day MacOS 10.3, also known as "Panther", is hitting the stores. According to OSNews people already started the queues outside the Apple Stores in US for this follow-up of "Jaguar". OSNews has announced to do a report about the Panther release party in Palo Alto, so keep that one in mind if you're interested.

Intel meanwhile [still] has a hard time convincing Steve Jobs he should be basing Macintosh computers on Intel chips, and on a different note Britney Spears is still not sure how to shake off Masahiko Shizawa, the wealthy Japanese coder who has a hard time of not stalking her. Masahiko sued her for hurting his feelings over a "cultural misunderstanding". (He drives her) Crazy!

In case this news was all too don't-worry-be-happy and do you rather feel more connected to the less fortunate on this planet, for only 50 bucks you can torture yourself with WiFi-SM, a device available from (that's German for discomfort). This device search over 4,500 news sources for specific keywords (death, distruction, torture, war, ...). If it finds an article matching the keywords, it generates a calibrated electric impulse, which does not endanger one's health. To read some suggestive uses of possible newer types of WiFi, go here!