Happy New Year! I'd like to wish everyone a great 2017, I really hope it'll be good, I mean, it can't be worse than 2016... can it? I better not jinx it...

To start the new year in a nice way, here's Pulkomandy's monthly report with what happened to our lovely OS during the month of December, covering revisions hrev50718 up to hrev50829. In the report we can see work has been done in the user interface - for example an app to notify users when an update is available, instead of doing this via CLI - area, as well as work related to the kernel and drivers, packages and the launch daemon.

One big change which happened last month was the merging of jessicah's and tqh's work on UEFI support, which we already mentioned here, and the work continues on this, with serial debugging now working, and related to this, jessicah has also improved Haiku's GPT support.

Great work from everyone involved as always, and I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays.