There are Longhorn screenshots available. Longhorn is the codename for Windows XP's successor, due in 2005 for the least. Under read more is my personal opinion in case you're interested. Note: this opinion is undisputable, and I will not defend or discuss it in the comments. If you find it hard bearing with negative opinions about Windows, I recommend you not to read it and just stop here.


The screenshots completely failed to impress me, and actually I find many of the newly added features just ugly. For instance, I've always hated a bar at the side of the screen, and now there's a huge broad bar on the right (see desktop.jpg and desktop2.jpg. Additionally they obviously worked on theming again (something Zeta has been negatively criticized for in the past as well), and after all these years, Internet Explorer now also has a download manager (see iedownloadmanager.jpg. Well, good for them. Conclusion: stolen features and bloat. And that's what I'm sticking with. Period.