The BeOS Journal will be abandoned for the next few days, because Chris Simmons is going to spend 48 straight hours playing Diablo II, checking out the new skills, weapons, runes, and more features coming with the newly released patch 1.10.

Something that is going to be abandoned indefinitely is the English translation of Technoids Magazine. It turns out that in regard to Technoids he was spending more time translating the articles rather than writing them, without ever getting any feedback on the English magazine, which made him wonder what on Earth he was doing. I'm sorry to hear that, Matthias.

The German version of Technoids Magazine still exists of course, although it's going to be a little bit different from the previous editions. Matthias has written ideas for a new concept, which involves limiting the magazine to a maximum of 40 pages, and improving the magazine's structure, by putting each section on a fixed place within the magazine.

And lastly, BeGroovy returns! It has been quite silent around the once so very active news site, but it now states to be returning. Welcome back!