For just seconds, I have been able to ask Bernd Korz a few quick questions about yellowTAB releasing Zeta today, and things that will change for Bernd. Check read more for among others the first mention ever about another project yellowTAB is working on! IsComputerOn: The past two years you have been working on and on towards the day that Zeta is released, which is today. How does that make you feel today? Are you nervous, or are you more calm than ever in the past two years?

Bernd Korz: It shows me that we are far away from what I want, although the more we fix and do better, the more I want to get done better. I want to have Zeta as a very good product, and we have an amazing team that makes it real for us and all Zeta users and BeOS fanatics. But we have a lot to do, so I don't feel better than before because my baby [ed.: Zeta] has grown and learnt to walk, but it now needs to learn to speak.

ICO: Can you give a global overview of the things you are up to these days?

Bernd: I am more and more going into the position of finding new directions and customers for Zeta and its possibilities. For example, I am working on some ideas I already had longer ago for a new real Zetabox which already works right now and uses the features Zeta offers.

Apart from that I do my work like I do it every day; working on Zeta itself, expressing my ideas, managing the various projects, making timelines, creating test-installations, writing scripts... today we are better than yesterday but worse than tomorrow. so I always look ahead.

ICO: In what aspect or aspects will your job change now that customers worldwide own Zeta?

Bernd: Users will see me less and less often online and present at forums or other places. I started to promote Zeta where ever possible, and I do more and more internally based development for ideas like "Z(...)O" [ed.: More was not revealed about the project or its name.] which is one of our new amazing projects aside of Zeta itself.