YellowTab just announced at their site, that they have their first trainee, at their office in Mannheim. Her name: Karoline Recker. Here's what they said: "YellowTAB is working to build up an organization to look after the demands of a popular and modern operating system. This new organization will handle development, marketing, administration, partner relations, support for existing clients using Zeta, and end user support for the public, once Zeta R1.0 is published.

yellowTAB hopes that the BeOS / Zeta community will give miss Karoline Recker a warm welcome, she will be working for yellowTAB as a trainee for the next two and half years. Karoline has already been using Zeta for a couple of months and is thrilled by what it's capable of, she is looking forward to being a member of the new YellowTAB organization."

We here at ICO hope that yT is successful in building that organization, a very important part of an OS company's structure.