Let's see how many of you break up with your girlfriends by the time you finish reading this...

Currently it's in testing, but this new form of male contraceptive should be available to the public quite soon. The way to apply it? Injection in the testicles.

[time to recover from passing out...]

Back? Good. Now, I know the notion of doing that isn't the... nicest one you could think of involving that part of your anatomy, but think about it. In comparison your wife/girlfriend takes monthly pills, which in most cases have side effects, which can go from hot flashes to breast cancer, and you have to endure one shot and it lasts for 10 years. Which is better?

Not to mention the cost factor. The shot costs around $20 while the total cost of 10 years of birth control pills add up to $4800.

So you see, apart from that "small" detail of having a huge needle in there, there are only advantages to this method. Read more about this by clicking here.