yellowTab has updated it's site with a couple of news items. First, they announce a partnership between yT and Xentronix. yT has ported the latest SANE to Zeta and Xentronix will deliver a "Lite" version of Refraction as the UI for the application. To complement and provide the end user with a more complete solution, yellowTab is porting GOCR, an OCR solution. We'll keep you posted on this one as well.

Next, yellowTab reports on their Java and C# Zeta support. They're porting Java 1.4.2 and Mono, and to accomplish that had to add some functionality that BeOS never had. Read it all by following the link above.

Last but not least, Bernd Korz updated his column, this issue being called A time for reflection. He covers various aspects of Zeta, the new ports, the much debated kernel sources and others points. It is definitely an interesting read, so what are you waiting for?