Dane Scott over at LeBuzz has posted a very interesting editorial about Zeta and the BeOS community, or a small part of it I should say. But an editorial everyone should read and reflect about. So head over and start reading.

Well put Dane, as always.
Frans and Joyce over at ZetaNews have posted today a review of the latest Zeta, the one you can order.

It goes from the installation aspect of the OS to the development tools, passing in between by media and hardware support. A very interesting read, with plenty of screenshots. So what are you waiting for? Head over there and start reading!
This is just a little something which I found kinda cool. SkyOS is a project many of you have probably heard of. Its progress has been quite amazing, mostly done by Robert Szeleney. In its new version 5.0 it comes with, amongh many other improvements, full theming abilities, and for testing purposes, a BeOS theme was created, to check it out click here. Like i said, just something I thought is kinda cool :)
Dane Scott of LeBuzz and BeOSRadio fame has just published a review of BeServed.

He goes over the installation, setup and other aspects of using BeServed. A definitely interesting read, so head over and start reading.

P.S.: Some days ago, Scott also introduced and previewed a new application named A.L.F., which has quite some potential. So don't forget to check that one out as well.
Koki from JPBE.net was (as always) kind enough to fire me an e-mail about the next Zeta event to be held in Tokyo. If you missed the first one, be sure not to miss this new one, where attendees will be able to use Zeta.

Read more for the details...

Rudolf Cornelissen has just posted a small update at his NVidia Driver page. Here's what he said:
Just informing you today of a small site update. The 'fixes' list for driver 0.06 is now up to date, and the bugreport form includes 'new' laptop card types now. If you see your card as being listed as an 'unknown' type (or just listed plain wrong) please set me straight. Thanks. OK, back to work... :-)
More and more he is progressing.. mmmmm.. yes? Ok, enough Yoda. He's, as always, doing a great job. We'll keep you updated.
yellowTab put up a "wanted" sign some weeks ago, asking for candidates for coding jobs, and has now announced that it has hired two developers. Here's what they said:
We are proud to announce that both posistions have been filled with two highly motivated developers. Both have eagerly started their development for us.

We would like to thank the people who applied for a job by us, and we'll keep their CVs for future job oportunities.
Good news, the more developers, the more code they... code.

[Ed. note:] I might add that they're real nice guys too.
From the AbiWord Weekly News #163, the developers are still looking for a maintainer of the BeOS version of the text editor:

"If there is no one to fully maintain the BeOS port in the next week, it will be removed from the development tree. This means there will be NO MORE AbiWord for BeOS. Last call! Anyone?"

Related link:
AbiWord Weekly News #163
Today Zeta got a lot of exposure. The Zeta machines are mentioned in a Slashdot article, which swamped the site. We are happy to see the attention Zeta and the computers are getting.

The yellowTAB frontpage can for now be loaded from Google's cache system, and the complete site will hopefully be up and running again tomorrow.
DarkWyrm has just opened an UI Design section to his page. Here's what it will include:
After quite a long time of adding a little here and a little there, I now have opened up a new section of this site, devoted to designing good applications from the perspective of a BeOS developer and student of UI Design. This area of the site will feature design-related articles, and those articles featured in the OpenBeOS newsletter will (from now on) also be featured in "enhanced" versions which will contain content which is slightly more polished and other features not possible in the newsletter will be included. A couple new articles (one of which is to be featured in the next newsletter) have been included for your enjoyment.
So if you're working on that area or it interests you, head over and start reading.