Eric Jourde, aka Baldur (if you hang out at BeShare) shot me an e-mail (around 2am, I was already in the middle of my beauty sleep of course) to let me know that BePascal Project just made its first release.

BePascal provides a list of classes, identical to the Bebook, to develop GUIs under BeOS, and this first release includes the basic classes.

Last year I covered their progress, while still at TheBeOSJournal and I must say that it's wonderful to see how far they've come. Great job guys!
Eugenia over at OSNews spent a few days using Zeta RC1-pre+ (RC1 plus a few fixes) and, despite some critics and flaws she's found (it is beta software afterall), overall she had a good opinion about it.

So what are you waiting for? Head over and start reading.
yellowTab just announced at their site that, as been the norm, they will be at next week's BeGeistert, which will take place during the weekend of 18th and 19th of this month, at D?sseldorf.

Following BeGeistert, yellowTab will be attending Systems, an international fair of Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, which will be held in Munich, between the 20th and the 24th of this month. If you're in the neighbourhood, stop by and say hi to the guys there. And a little bird told me that there might be some interesting news there...

Also, their forums are now back up and available to everyone again. Gentlemen, start your posting.
Thanks for Fran?ois for the heads up on this one. A Princeton PhD student posted a paper about the latest music industry cd protection scheme, and how easily it can be bypassed, just by pressing the Shift key when the CD is inserted in the drive.

It seems the anti-copy system, made by SunnComm, uses Windows' auto-run feature to install a small driver onto the system, which hides the AIFF tracks and only allows the system to see DRM protected WMA tracks. By pressing the Shift key, auto-run is disabled when the CD is inserted, thus the driver doesn't get installed, thus the unprotected AIFF tracks are available to the user. Cute.

If you want to know more about it, and I know you do, head over to The Register.
As I'm sure you know, Bernd Korz was in Brazil this past weekend, to do a Zeta presentation. It went quite well i've been told, and you can read a bit about it at the Bug-BR site.

If you just want to look at pics, pics and more pics, well, how about two links? Sounds good? Yes it does. So without further delay, click here and here. Have fun.
I'm sure you've noticed we're having problems with our forums. A backup exists and we're trying to get everything back to its previous form.

Thanks for your patience.

Update: Sorry folks, the forum's back up but all users and posts were lost. I've already banged my head against the wall, repeatedly. So you'll have to re-register, not at the site, but just the Forums. Truly sorry for the inconvenience.
Time for a new poll everyone! Unsurprisingly, on the last survey, almost two thirds of the votes went for the No vote, still, one third voting Yes... not bad I think. Of course, part of the Yes vote went to the "Wooooo... kinky!" option... no comments on that one.

And now on the new survey, you'll chose, among the given options, which sex symbol you'd like to see advertising Zeta, on a TV commercial, magazines, billboards etc. So start voting, and don't be afraid to reveal your true self...
David Reid (whom you all know) shot me an e-mail just now, about Sequel, an alternative OS project.

Click below to read what he had to say...

The "Early Bird " promotion continues over at Xentronix. Due to the release of Zeta RC1 they decided to prolongue it. Good news for those who haven't bought it yet. With it you get the full license for 1.0 when it's out and a free update to version 1.5.

Also, for those who already bought Refraction, there's a new beta available for download, version 6.4. Plenty of improvements and speed bumps in this version, so if you have access to it, go download it.

Read the whole announcement right here.
As I'm sure most of you knew, after the downtime they suffered, yT moved its site to a new server. Along with that change, they updated their shop, eliminating the quirks (hopefully all) found in the previous one and simplifying the whole ordering process.

So if you've waiting to place your order, now it's your time, go for it.