DarkWyrm's at it again. He has updated his site with news of some progress being made, with the help of Adi Oanca, on the BWindow and BView classes.

He also says "At this point, he has chosen to work on the server in addition to finishing the above classes, so when I get swamped, someone who busts tail just as much as I do is "covering" for me.". Always a good thing, having a "backup", so to speak.

Be sure we'll keep you posted here at ICO.
YellowTab has just (and I do mean just) issued a press released about an upcoming art event called WhatIsArt?.

Click on "Read more" for the full press release.

After the "Underwear" poll (with some... unsettling results) comes a brand new inquisitory poll...

So, you are walking down the street and who do you see right in front of you? The man, the fearless leader himself, Jean-Louis. What do you do then?
Vote away and have fun with the results!
From the fine folks at ITBug comes the new magazine Beyond, a magazine focused on BeOS and others alternative OSes, like Amiga, Linux and FreeBSD.

Available both in Italian and in English, this first issue of Beyond comes with articles about ADSL on BeOS, a REBOL Tutorial and an overview of yellowTab's Zeta, among others.

It is now ready to download, at BeBits. What are you waiting for? Go get it!
This just came to my attention. Some people might not be seeing all of the headlines, those marked as "Announcement" and "Community", which is quite strange. To fix that (untill I can see what's going on), on the left, click on Topics, then on Announcement then Community. If you go back to the homepage, you'll see them and it won't happen again, hopefully.

I'll try to fix it ASAP.
Just read this and thought it'd be interesting to post (if not, leave a comment). In the upcoming Office 2003, users will be able to block the documents they created, even from printing, and also set an expiration date (I wonder if the reader will see a message saying "this document will self-destruct in 5 seconds).

How? Office 2003 will for the first time include tool to restrict access to it's documents. This is the first of a series of steps that Microsoft plans to implement, on their road to Windows Rights Management Services. Fun...

For the full monty, go to CNET.

My buddy Frans van Nispen, from Xentronix has updated the front page with some news on the Refraction progress.

As promised, I'm revealing what our surprise is. To those who pay attention, you know that Tune Tracker 2 PRO was launched today. Is launched today... depends on your timezone really :)

So this weekend I had a little chat with my buddy Dane Scott, of LeBuzz and BeOSRadio fame. What did we talk about? Click on "Read more..." to find out...

Just spotted this over at OSNews and it's damn cool! A company located in Finland (those crazy finns) has developed a technology called fog-screen, also known as WAVE - Walk-thru Virtual Environment.

I would just like to write a note about something quite sad, which affects a beloved member of our community. We all know Koki and the amazing job he's been doing, as a liaison between the Western and the Eastern BeOS community. Unfortunately, his father has become quite ill, and obviously, Koki went back to Argentina to be beside him in this time of need.

I'm sure that everyone will have a thought, even a prayer, for Koki and his father. May he recover swiftly.