Edirol is now shipping the NEW DV-7 Pro software. It includes an updated editing interface with over 50 new effects and features. Included free in the package is a dedicated card reader that is compatible with Compact Flash, Micro Drive, Smart Media, Memory Stick, SD Memory Card and Multi-Media card for importing still pictures from digital cameras.


Main Features:
* Scenemaking feature provides unlimited audio and video layers. DV auto split while capturing DV video saves time.
* Additional audio track in timeline gives you 4 stereo audio tracks.
* FREE hexa-drive card reader to import stills from digital camera.
* Blur and mosaic filter effect with key-framing.
* Roll and scrolling title capabilities for doing multiple pages of credits.
* Create and use up to 200 titles per project.
* 4 new bin sorting options to manage your material

Even more professional effects and transitions:
* 9 new transition effects including cross-mosaic, page peel, cross-stretch and cross zoom
* 5 new filter effects including a 16 mm film effect, negative, and sepia
* 5 new real-time audio effects like pro reverb, mixer, RSS, delay, and spreader

Updated title interface and effects:
* 13 New title effects like crawl, roll, bound, and smooth slide effects
* Advanced title layering with icon manager
* Store up to 16 of your favorite font presets for quick access
* Manager external graphics and pictures easier with updated UI design

Having been working on this beautiful video editing system for a day in Edirol's office in London a year ago, I must say that one of the best video editing system just got a whole lot better. I think it is time to do another trip to London! And for those not sure, click Read more...

After the story of the new male contraceptive got some (expected) reactions, I thought a poll about it would be a good idea. So let's see who of you are the bravest, or reckless, or just think of the couple, depending on your vote.

The BeStoned poll brought in some... interesting results. The "Yes" option won. Surprising? Or not? Afterall, we are using a "dead" OS :) Second place went to "Not even the stolen pot can help improve Windows!", which was expected to have a high number of votes.

So read the options on the right for the new Survey and start voting.
Thanks to Fran?ois for the heads up on this one. Bug-BR the brazilian BUG has the details on Bernd Korz's trip to Brazil.

The presentation will take place on October 4th, at the UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense), in the city of Niter?i, state of Rio de Janeiro.

As more information becomes available (such as the time of the presentation), it will be made available. So stay tuned!
yellowTab announced today that it will sell 100% compatible systems, 2 desktop ones and 1 laptop, Centrino based.

All systems have a 2 year warranty and come pre-loaded with Zeta Deluxe Edition (in the laptop you can chose another Edition).

I know of users out there looking for a system which they know will work with Zeta. Well, the search is over! Go over to yT's shop and spend some cash.

Update: You can also pre-order the Zeta Deluxe Edition Special Bundle, where you not only get Zeta (based on RC1) but also a free Zeta t-shirt. When R1 is out, whoever bought this bundle will be able to upgrade to R1 for only the manufacturing plus shipping cost. Z Day is coming...
As was reported a couple of weeks ago, ITBug was present at Pianeta Amiga.

And now Giuseppe Gargaro has written a report about it with photos included. So if you read italian (or you can always use Babelfish), head over, read it and see it. From what I heard, their presentation was very well received.
Let's see how many of you break up with your girlfriends by the time you finish reading this...

Currently it's in testing, but this new form of male contraceptive should be available to the public quite soon. The way to apply it? Injection in the testicles.

[time to recover from passing out...]

Back? Good. Now, I know the notion of doing that isn't the... nicest one you could think of involving that part of your anatomy, but think about it. In comparison your wife/girlfriend takes monthly pills, which in most cases have side effects, which can go from hot flashes to breast cancer, and you have to endure one shot and it lasts for 10 years. Which is better?

Not to mention the cost factor. The shot costs around $20 while the total cost of 10 years of birth control pills add up to $4800.

So you see, apart from that "small" detail of having a huge needle in there, there are only advantages to this method. Read more about this by clicking here.
yellowTab has just published more details on it's inpending trip to Argentina, for a Zeta presentation.

It will take place at the Pestalozzi School on the 29th of this month.

After the presentation, yT's CVO Bernd Korz will be available to answer any questions the attendants want to see answered and those present will be able to give Zeta a test run themselves. So if you're in the neighbourhood, don't miss out on this chance. Don't forget, yT will also be in Brazil, we'll bring you more details about this trip as they become available.
The beunited Java porting team has now Java 1.4 working on R5. The famous Hello World was the first program to run.

"The VM is using native BeOS threads, and accesses the native OS functions for all its work making it very fast. The next steps are to work on fleshing our the rest of the OS native code, working on the AWT to Interface Kit link, and building a BeOS look and feel for Swing."

Cool, very cool indeed. Great job guys!
Talk about "switcharound". Sharman Networks is now suing RIAA for distributing replicas of its P2P file sharing software, Kazaa. It says that RIAA has distributed versions of KaZaA Lite with warning messages to potential infringers. Cute. Let's see what comes out of this one. I wouldn't be surprised if the outcome was: nothing...

Read it all over at The Register.
BeOSMax v3 has just been made available for download. This new version has of course some changes, most noticeable are the removal of all demo apps, to make more space available for full apps, the latest of which to be included is BeXL.

Also, note that v3 has been packed with WinRAR 3.20, so using WinRAR 2.90 to unpack it won't work. In BeOS you can use this UnRAR Package. I've used it before with 3.20 files without a problem.

So head over, download and get your BeOS fix untill Zeta comes out, which won't be long now ;)